April, 2012

Eager to Please

This week I take a step out of the dungeon and let Lorelei Lee take the reins, and this update, it’s Lea Lexis that’s chomping at the bit to prove herself as an Electroslut.

Locked in a dungeon with Lorelei is intimidating for anyone, but I was impressed with how Lea just wants to please. Partially suspended by ropes with one leg in the air and sticky pads on her tits, Lorelei lays claim on Lea’s pussy as she wires it up with electricity, I know how Lorelei likes to play and I would not want to be under her high healed boot.

Despite the punishment, Lea begs her new mistress for more, which Lorelei is more than happy to dispense. Lea’s talent, it seems, is that she’s pleased by pleasing someone else. Lorelei fingers Lea’s pussy, as she begs to cum.

But Lorelei sticks her ass out for Lea to to lick but leaves just a little too far away for her tongue to reach. Torture, indeed. Lea’s persistence pays off and she’s able to attempt to satisfy Lorelei’s beautiful labia lips with her outstretched tongue.


Plug-In Corporal Punishment

Unlike many women who just act the part of wanting kinky sex, Krysta Kaos is the real deal. Tattooed and pierced, Krysta is standing with her arms and legs chains chained to pillars. But this scene isn’t an exercise in bondage, it’s about Krysta taking all the voltage she can for my amusement. I secure electrical clamps to her nipples and pussy lips for plug-in corporal punishment. As much as I love ratcheting up the power, Krysta loves taking it even more. She endures the pain because what she really craves is the pleasure her electrical kink gives her.


Give me the Pleasure. Give them the Pain.

What good is being the director of a girl/girl fetish site if you can’t take a little liberties with the talent now and then? Amber Rain and Kaylee Hilton find themselves in my dungeon, tied up with their arms behind their backs and wired up to take electrical shocks at my will.

With Amber and Kaylee in a precarious position that can only get worse at my whim, I grab their pretty little heads and have them eat, no, worship my pretty, hairy pussy. With my hand on the button, the consequences for not delivering an orgasm of my satisfaction are harsh, to say the least. But even if they can’t deliver, it doesn’t mean they’ll have a reprieve from chowing down on my feast of pudenda. They’ll have to take their punishment and continue to please me until I’m satisfied.


Legs back and Electro-Fucked

I am certainly developing a love for miss Mallory Malone. That red hair, pale skin, and all natural body. She’s a beautiful specimen just standing alone. However, when in my bondage her beauty multiplies. At that point in time I just can’t help myself. I know what will make her cum and I know what will make her scream. Hot and sexy electro strap-on fucking.

With her legs tied back and her wrists secured to her ankles she is in the perfect position to take my electro cock. But, of course, I can’t leave her at that. I have to included added stimulation on her beautiful perky breasts just to make sure my electric current covers her entire body.


Felony in Copper Wire

Felony if one of the toughest models we let walk through our doors. There’s also no one who cums harder. The combination of these two elements is what make Felony such sexy submissive.

For this update, I tie her on her knees with her hands stung above her head. I cover her body completely in copper wires. The amount of copper she is wrapped in sends sensual sensations all throughout her limbs. At a certain level she just feels the heat of the electricity warm her body but there is a fine line between pleasure and pain with copper wire and that is what I play with.

When I introduce the samurai it opens the flood gates for orgasms. I fuck her hard and fast, confusing her body with all the various sensations.


Fears of Electrosex

What’s better than one sexy tight bodied girl strung up by her wrists? Two sexy tight bodies girls strung up by their wrists. Kaylee and Amber are back for your, not to mention my, enjoyment. With their wrists strung high enough in the air to pull them up on their tipsy-toes and no other bondage they are left at my will to suffer under my Electrosex.

I place all of the EMS pads I have in my kit all other their bodies making them give up complete control of their muscles. I enjoyed standing back and watching the electricity do all the torturous work for me.

As their muscles start to tire, I pull out the zappers, which is one of Amber’s greatest fears, and begin to test this fear. I show Amber that the zapper is not as scary as it seems. You can see this tough girl go from a terrified state to an empowered one. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


Cumming By Copper

Alani Pi finds herself between the proverbial rock, my discipline, and a hard place, electrified copper sheets, pipes and wires that wrap around her legs, with this latest update.

Tied down and restrained to the floor, Alani is my plaything to electrify while I dole out corporal punishment to see of she can satisfy my kinky craving to see her suffer. While I up the voltage, her eyes go wide as I finger her pussy to a mind altering orgasm. The waves of pain and pleasure and pleasure and pain wash over her body, as I make her suffer and cum like she never has before!

Subjected to my firm regimen of instruction, with the help of the electrified copper, Alani leaves the session more than satisfied. If she can take my strict instruction, she’ll be rewarded with the sort of pleasure that only the pain of electricity can bring!


Are You Ready to get Fucked?

I pose a question to Annabelle Lee, “So Annabelle, you ready to get fucked?” but it’s more rhetorical than an inquiry. Truth be told, I really don’t care if she was ready to be fucked or not. The important thing was that I was ready to fuck her.

Tied up in doggie with her ass in the air, It’s clear that her position was more to grant me easy access to the holes I wanted to penetrate for electro-strap on sex, and not for any concern over her comfort. With the strap on deep inside her pussy, and the electricity coursing through her body, the alternating currents of pleasure and pain sends her pussy into orgasmic convulsions the likes of which Annabelle hasn’t felt before and is likely never to feel again!


Cassandra Nix Gets an Electric Double Penetration

One of the perks of directing Electrosluts is the access I have to all the sweet, submissive fresh meat that passes through Kink’s doors. There’s nothing like the wide-eyed astonishment of a brand new 20-something girl who thinks she knows everything about sex, but then realizes that she may very well be in over her head.

Speaking of new girls, Cassandra Nix comes my way, curious about electro BDSM. However, rather than just keep her all to myself, this time around I get her ready and let Aiden Starr and Isis Love have at her.

They tear into her and are, in a word, brutal to her (just as I’d expect of them). They violate her pussy with the electrical acrylic plug toy then penetrate her butthole with anal speculums, ready to spread out her o-ring for further inspection. Aiden and Isis also give Cassandra a crash course in the differences between the zapper, taser and cattle prod!


Surrounded by Electricity

Lizzy London and Penny Pax may have done electro BDSM in the past, but it’s the first time they’ve ever been in the Electrosluts dungeon under my direction!

I put them in a standing copper pipe predicament, a predicament because the pipes are wired, ready and willing to dispense the harsh sting of electricity. The pipes are an integral part of their bondage, so there’s no way they can avoid being shocked.

Each of their respective asses are also outfitted with metal hooks that, of course, put out a shocking punishment in addition to the pipes. Their sphincters contract on my discretion, and with the copper pipe predicament, their punishment and pleasure are entirely at my discretion.