May, 2012

Electro Anal Exploration

Romanian beauty, Lea Lexis, is know for her anal abilities. She can take a hard anal fucking but what I want to know is how much electricity can she take inside perfect pink asshole. For the second part of Lea’s Electrosluts series, I have Lorelei Lee penetrate her asshole with not just one electro-anal bullet but two stacked one after the other.

The two plugs make Lea jump and squirm. So, Lorelei pushes Lea even farther by using a mettle paddle in a way you’ve never seen. After Lea reaches her limits Lorelei give her mercy for just a moment to get her ready for an intense ass fucking with a long mettle elecrto-dildo.


Electric Body Used to Power a Light Bulb and Butt Plug

Today I let the captivating Isis Love take Audrey Rose on an electrical roller coaster. Audrey, who no stranger to electricrosex but also far from an expert, gives total trust to Isis’ lez dom experience.

I told Isis that last time Audrey was under the power of electrosex she discovered her love for electro anal play. So, being the “nice” person that I am I set Audrey and Isis up for a day of electro anal play.

Audrey starts out with a simple yet difficult bondage position, ankles secured with a spreader bar, arms tied high and back in strappado, and her neck tied down to her ankles. This position leaves her ass open and available for Isis’ pleasure.

Isis wires Audrey to the violet wand plate which sends a constant electric current throughout her body, basally turning Audrey into a human electrical socket. As a human socket Isis is able to use her electricity to power all sorts of electrosex toys. But Isis always has tricks hidden up her sleeves, watch to see the electro fun Isis has with simply her fingernails.


An Electro Challenge.

Setting a record for taking Stanley (the largest butt plug I have in my inventory) up her ass, Kelly Divine made diehard Kink fans wonder what she can do for an encore. Some thought there wasn’t anything that could top her awesome ass-stretching performance.

Of course, those people suffer from a lack of imagination.

I like a challenge, and I have a very active imagination. For Kelly’s latest Electrosluts outing, I tie her legs back, her arms looped around her knees and tied behind her. This not only puts her in a very uncomfortable position, but it gives me ready access to any orifice I choose to violate. But that’s not all, I make sure she goes to very uncomfortable to very unbearable, covering her in a mess of sticky pads.

Her labia’s wired up with electrical clamps and while I turn up the voltage, Kelly’s tender ass is fucked with a ribbed metal dildo. The combination of electricity and the anal toy makes her squirt uncontrollably.


The CompetitionAn Electrosluts Reality Film

Competitiveness weeds out the wheat from the chaff in any profession. If you’re complacent and comfortable, you’ll let your skills stagnate and ambition will atrophy. There’s always openings for new Dommes at Electrosluts and I pit two would-be Tops in a battle royale for the opening.

The rules: they both have access to the same electrosex equipment, the same restraints and they will be judged on their creativity, ability and skill to restrain the sub and talent to make her submit.

In one corner, I have Lorelei Lee, aka “The Veteran.” In the other, Sinn Sage, or “The Underdog.” In the middle of The Competition (as I like to call it), Kristina Rose, the submissive test bed for their dark creativity. Sinn has first crack at Kristina, then Lorelei Lee shows off her chops.

Kristina proves herself to be a tough sub to crack for both Sinn and Lorelei, this is The Competition, after all. However, rules don’t stop the two determined would be Eletrosluts Dommes from making their mark on Kristina. Watch and see what happens when two hot-headed Dommes are pushed competitively and how they make their sub submit.


The Curious Girlfriend: An Electro-Lesbian CuckoldAn Electrosluts Reality Film

To call the situation Eva ultimately finds herself in as uncomfortable would be an understatement. She’s hooked up to electrosex toys like nipple clamps, acrylic plugs in her ass and pussy and in lesbian bondage while her girlfriend, Lorelei Lee, and I fuck in front of her, flaunting our orgasms while denying her. I’m sure at that point she wondered what the hell happened? How did she get to this place? How did she become a lesbian cuckold and a true submissive electroslut?

The previous day, Lorelei excitedly told Eva about her shoot for Electrosluts. With each description of every spark and every jolt, Eva’s pussy gets moist and she grows more curious about lesbian electrosex and lesbian BDSM. Lorelei suggests Eva come to work with her, hoping that I’ll give a hands-on of the electrosex implements.

However, that’s something I don’t usually do, but since all the electrosex toys were out and we just finished scene, I made an exception. Eva willingly strips, revealing her small, natural tits and I initiate her as an electroslut with zaps from the zapper all over her petite body while I rub her pussy and clit. With sticky pads, the violet wand buzzing in her sopping wet cunt and metal butt plug shoved far up her ass, Eva begins her transformation into a true electro BDSM whore.

After several loud and juicy orgasms, Lorelei walks in on the two of us and is shocked. Lorelei vows to teach Eva what it means to be a true electroslut.

Tied up to a live copper bar, meant to shock the sensitive flesh under her arms, Eva’s decent into femdom electrosex is in freefall. With electrical clamps on her nipples and DP’d by acrylic, electrical plugs her whole body is wracked with convulsions as she’s shown what it means to be a true electroslut. Eva begs Lorelei (her girlfriend and the love of her life) to fuck her however, Lorelei denies Eva and fucks me in front of her instead.

Eva’s desire leads to her degradation into a complete and total lesbian cuckold, who can only watch, but never touch, her girlfriend again.


Katie St. Ives, Bound Tight and Shocked!

Katie St. Ives makes her scintillating debut in bondage in the electrifying second part of her Electrosluts series. That’s right, in addition to being bound to serve my whims, she’s also subjected to my dungeon’s array of electrosex toys in true reality porn femdom fashion!

With her arms and neck secured and locked, Katie is sexually frustrated and turns that energy to pleasing her Dom. Lucky me! But her first time out in helpless, lesbian bondage puts Katie in obvious discomfort, with the electrical shocks delivered by copper strips across her wrists and over her thighs by my sadistic hand. In her electro BDSM predicament, I tease her hairy pussy only to have her serve me by licking my hot, dripping cunt.

Her touching devotion to taking care of me leads to a hot and heavy electrosex finish, cumming with orgasm after orgasm at my whim leaving Katie wet and put away!


Felony, Electro-sex and the Cattle Prod

Like all good things, Felony’s series is about to end. But her fourth strike for Electrosluts is quite possibly one of her most intense appearances, which is saying a lot considering how intense her scenes usually are.

I rig her in a very uncomfortable position, with one leg in the air with an acrylic plug securely tied into her pussy. It electrifies her pussy and makes her hop on one foot as the pleasure and pain of the involuntary pussy contractions washes over her.

That would be enough to make most subs wince, but since this is Felony’s last time in my dungeon for awhile, I also break out the cattle prod, and just the sight of it makes her eyes go wide. You’ll have to watch to see what her reaction is to the sound. With shocks to the leg, shocks to her ass and to the rest of her body I make Felony dance, despite having only one foot on the ground.


AVN Best New Starlet, Brooklyn Lee, Tries Anal Electrosex for the Very 1st Time!

Welcome to the beginning of the Brooklyn Lee series. This is an update that I’ve been giddy with anticipation to shoot. As you know (since I know all of you are good little boys and girls who follow every move I make) 2012 is when I finally won AVN’s coveted Female Performer of the Year award. But this year also marked the beginning of Brooklyn Lee’s career, who won Best New Starlet at the same awards show.

Can you see where I’m going? AVN’s reigning Female performer of the Year and Best New Starlet are coming together on Electrosluts. Brooklyn’s not a novice when it comes to sex, but she is new to the fetish scene. This will be her first time working with electricity and only the second time she’s been tied up.

This update is all about anal play, including sticky pads on her luscious ass and a long metal cone electro butt plug in said luscious ass. But that’s all just a warmup for an intense butt fucking on the part of the Samurai.

However, this is also a SUPER sexy and sensual scene. If you only see one Electrosluts scene (but really, why would you only want to watch one?), make it this one!


Redhead Endures Standing Electro-Sex

It’s my final scene with Mallory Malone in her Electroslut series, and being a good host I send her out with a bang, along with a few watts of electricity for good measure. She’s a good sub, so she takes my final act of Domination and accepts it as the hospitality I intend it to be.

She’s tied standing up with an acrylic plug in her pussy secured by a tight crotch rope. Her pert, pink nipples and wet pussy lips are wired up and during the session I also deliver a few shocks to her thighs from the Zapper. But since I don’t when I’ll see Mallory again, I bring out a Hitachi Magic Wand and make her cum on at my pleasure.


The Harder She Cums, the More She Squirts!

Felony’s no newbie to Kink, but that’s not a bad thing. I know she likes to play hard and rough, and I’m more than happy to accommodate her need for hardcore electrical play.

Her legs are spread and restrained to an extreme, giving me easy access to her pussy. I’m not a cruel mistress, and to start the scene I eat her out to get her wet. Not that it needs it, as she’s sopping wet and ready to go from the first taste. Confident that she’s ready, I tighten up my electro strap-on and get to work on her cunt. She screams and cums over and over again leading to a squirting orgasm. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s squirted more than anyone I’ve seen at Kink!


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