June, 2012

Non-stop Electro-Fem-Fucking!

While gonzo’s been meant to mean everything and anything in the adult video business, Kink.com and Electrosluts takes it back with hardcore femdom BDSM and electroplay!

Shooting the action straight through without any breaks, this is extreme gonzo reality porn. I let Gia DiMarco and Aiden Starr brutally have their way with sluts Annika and Beretta James. Aiden and Gia manhandle Annika and Beretta, while putting them in their place while degrading them with Sticky Pads, the Violet Wand, Tasers, Cattle Prods and the Elctro Pussy Plate.

The intensity of the scene arouses the two lezdoms. Electrosluts prompts Aiden to observe, “Your pussy is so wet, it’s bubbling!”

Enduring extreme electro-strap-on fucking, as well as having their asses and pussy stuffed with acrylic plugs and a metal butt plug wired to a shock, Annika and Beretta also are on the giving and receiving end of intense, wet and dripping pussy eating.


Tickle Fuck

On Katie’s final round with me I strap her down and strap it on! I tie her hips, torso and arms to a saw horse, her legs up and together and her knees strapped tight to her neck to keep all lose appendages up and out of the way of my next activity.

I cover her tits with sticky pads which sends a new kind of sensation through her body. Watch and see her adorably confused reaction. For a little shock I zap her feet with the zapper. All this is going on while I fuck her hard and deep with my hard black strap-on.

Enjoy Katie’s last episode in Electrosluts. I can’t wait to have her BACK!


Domestic Disturbance<br/>An Electrosluts Reality Feature

Remember the last time you fucked or were being fucked really loudly? Ever wonder who might be listening? Ever wonder if that person or people listening really wanted to hear your obnoxious moans and groans? Ever wonder what would happen if you pushed just too far. If the obnoxious nature became unbearable? If you refused to accommodate and pipe the fuck down?

Most neighbors would probably be too scared to create a confrontation over sex noises but not these girls! Aiden Starr, Gia DiMarco and Chanel Preston will not longer endure the loud and constant sounds their neighbor Remy LaCroix pumps through their wall every single night.

So, they take matters into their own hands, into their own Lezdom Electrosex hands, that is!


Inescapable Copper Breaks Lea Lexis

I love getting to know girl’s tolerances to electrosex. Some cry at the site and sound and others can endure so much that it’s almost a challenge for the Dom to find their breaking point…almost a challenge. Because for Lea Lexis nothing will stop Lorelei Lee from finding that sweet, sexy spot that pushes this Romanian gymnast over the edge.

I secure Lea entangled in copper pipes so that everywhere she turns she feel the harsh tickle from their electric currents. Once I know she can’t break free I let Lorelei loose on her and watch the magic unfold.

Beautiful and blonde with big natural tits, what more could you ask for in one tough Electroslut!


Katja Kassin is BACK After a 6 Year Break from Lesbian Electro Sex!

Yup! I finally got Katja Kassin to come back to have some fun with electricity on Electrosluts! When I entered the adult industry, Katja was one of the hottest, horniest, dirtiest and toughest girls around.

Watch he struggle with the shocking lesbian electro that my friends Felony and Ashley Fires dish out. They sure don’t give Kajta a soft reintroduction, they go right for the intense and push every button that Kajta has.

The lez doms use every electro corporal implement we have in stock. Watch if Katja can take it all and if her pussy gets wetter and wetter. See if she can handle the grand finale to earn her orgasm: dueling cattle prods!


Lorelei Suffers to an Intense Electro Anal Fucking!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said it but I love Lorelei Lee. She has such a radiant Hollywood look that almost make it’s difficult to push her limits. Lucky for me and even more lucky for her I’m able to work past this feeling of hesitation and give her the most intense electro-anal-strap-on fucking I’ve dished out since the launch of Electrosluts.

Since Lorelei reduced the amount of performing she does her perfectly pink asshole doesn’t receive the attention it used to. However, it swallowed up my electro cock and I went to town! But I couldn’t stop with just that; this site is called ElectroSLUTS after all and I’m not going to let Lorelei go without proving herself as a True Electroslut.

I hope the grand finale of Lorelei’s series pleases all of you because I’m already thinking of ways to convince her to come back and suffer more to my electric hand!


Krysta Suspends Herself from the Shocks of Electrosex

This is Krysta’s third part of her Electrosluts series and I bring this adorable and tattooed girl into an intense round of electrosex and lesbian BDSM. Partially suspended, Krysta is wired up with delicate copper tape along her leg.

With the other leg secured up and out of my way her pussy is available for me use. I fuck her pink cunt with the samurai, turning the electricity up and down, until the cum dripped down the shaft of the metal dildo.

Enjoy this amazing round with Krysta. She’s tough and nails and submits to my electricity beautifully.


Phoenix Marie Suffers to an Electric Chair

Big tittied slut Phoenix Marie is far from a newbie in any sense of the word, and she’s not a stranger from the sting of my electrosex toys. When she visits for this update, I know she can take a harsher lesbian BDSM punishment than the other sluts that passed through.

She’s strapped down in the electrical chair, both her feet in electrified water and her body wired up with electro pads to convulse at my pleasure. I violate her cunt, wet and sopping from the electro BDSM games, with a metal dildo.

If that little bitch wants to cum, I make sure she endures 10 times the pain for every bit of pleasure she eeks out from pussy violation and clit stimulation. But even as her body cums with each orgasm I allow her to have, as electricity continues to surge through her body.


Your Asshole is Mine to Shock!

Isis Love is a demanding bitch of a Dom when it comes to lesbian BDSM.

The fact that Audrey Rose is offering up her tender young flesh to Isis, her cunt spread eagled and tied open, isn’t enough.

If Audrey wants to know the pleasure of having Isis’ wet pussy and sweaty asshole smothering her face like she was a chair or her tongue knowing the contours of Isis’ hard, tan nipples, she must endure electro sex and anal torture. That is if, and only if, Audrey can impress Isis, under her imagination of lezdom torment, with her tolerance as an electroslut.

Isis tests Audrey’s tolerance with an electrical dildo up her ass, a flogger and wiring her nipples up for electrical shocks. In the end, Audrey’s electro BDSM encounter leaves her broken, with the tears from her agony ruining and running her makeup down her face.