July, 2012

Bobbi Starr & Maitresse Madeline Break Down Two Blonde Sluts LIVE in the Brand New Electrosluts Set!

For those of you who missed it when it was LIVE, here it is! This is the re-posting of the epic unveiling of the brand new Elctrosluts set! With only a few edits, this update is filled with lots of hot and sexy lesbian BDSM, lots of bondage and of course lots of ELECTROSEX!

Alani Pi and Ash Hollywood take everything Maitresse Madeline and I throw at them, even a cattle prodding on one lucky girls pussy! Don’t miss out! This LIVE shoot was non-stop Lezdom Electro Action!


Welcome Calico and Watch her Squirt from an Electro Speculum!

Say hello to Calico. This update is the first in her Electrosluts series, and I’m itching to initiate this piece of fresh meat into my electro lesbian BDSM games. Calico’s as cute as a kitten, but I think she looks better with her tight, little puckered butthole violated.

Warming Calico up with a couple of my fingers up her ass, I move on to an electrified dildo to begin her electrosex training. Giving her a taste of the electro BDSM torment to come, I escalate Calico’s electroslut training with a wired hot speculum up her ass while I vibrate her clit raw.

As the voltage goes up on her speculum, Calico’s poor clit cums harder and harder, and she orgasms so hard she squirts! Yummy!


Katja Suffers Painfully to Pleasure her Doms!

In a clinical white room, Katja Kassin is given a harsh lesson in discipline and lesbian BDSM by seasoned femdoms Felony and Ashley Fires. Suffering through an array of kinky electrosex toys and bondage, Katja learns to suffer to please Felony and Ashley.

Felony and Ashley tie electroslut Katja down to a table, EMS pads on her limbs. As they turn up the voltage, so does the torture Katja is subject to at the hands of Felony and Ashley.

While Katja’s dripping wet pussy is violated with an electrical dildo, her limbs spasm as Ashley spanks her pussy and Felony sits on her face. Then, as she’s subjected to even more electro BDSM, Ashley makes sure Katja licks her sweet pussy and asshole as well.


Brooklyn Lee: Overpowered by Electricity

Brooklyn Lee submits to discipline, Electrosluts style, and I use my directorial privilege to have some fun with this smokin’ hot redhead! Brooklyn’s arms are bound to an iron headboard, her legs tied open giving me easy access to her firebush (and she does have a nice growth between her legs) for the lesbian BDSM fun to come.

Gagged and covered with sticky pads, Brooklyn gets a sample of my electrosex toys as I penetrate her wet, wet cunt with an electric dildo. As I nibble on her big natural tits, I up the voltage giving her the pleasure and the agony of electro BDSM. I shock the soles of her feet with the zapper, then give her the orgasmic release she’s been waiting for.


Juicy Ass and Wet Cunt Submits to Electrosex

Kelly Divine is back for her final round in her Electrosluts series. After all the electro-ass fucking I figured I’d give her tender butthole a break. So, instead I decide to string her up in what is a difficult bondage position for her. Her arms are tied back in strappado, one leg is tied up by her ankle leaving her other leg her only center of balance.

Even though I decided to leave her used up asshole all alone for the time being, I couldn’t resist not taking full advantage of those luscious juicy butt cheeks. This position leaves her ass looking plump and ready for all of my electricity. I start my covering her ass with sticky pads attached to the 9-vold box so that a strong sharp surge is independently sent through each ass cheek.

After she grows accustom to that sensation I bring in my favorite light-up toy, the violet wand, with the perfect attachment to not only send intense surges throughout the surface of her skin but also inside her hungry wet cunt!


Lezdom Electro Agony

Wired up with sticky pads on the soles of her little feet, calves and thighs, Lea Lexis finds herself at the mercy of a very bitchy Lorelei Lee in the last episode of her Electrosluts series! Lea’s on her back with her wrists tied to her legs, giving Lorelei easy access to her sopping wet pussy and her pretty little asshole that’s begging to be violated!

The electro BDSM session starts out with an electrical anal toy up Lea’s puckering asshole, but when she says, “Mistress, I want to be electrocuted,” Lorelei straps on and gets fucking. Lea gets more than she bargained for, and in the end, Lorelei makes the little electroslut cum over and over again in lesbian BDSM agony.


Fresh Faced 19 year old Opens up for Electrosex!

It’s not often you get flesh as fresh as Naidyne. Born and raised in the San Francisco area, you’d think fetishes and perversions would run in her blood, but she’s an absolute electrosex virgin! She’s terrified at what her first electro BDSM experience has to hold, and she’s right to be scared!

I give her a hands-on introduction to each electroslut corporal device, but it’s no beginner’s tour. With the zapper, she’s shocked all over her body to “encourage” her to strip naked. Having spent some time on the farm, Naidyne knows all about the cattle prod, but it’s the first time she’s ever been on its receiving end! She shrinks and whimpers with anticipation, then screams with each shock, but I’m not done with the new slut. She’s given a very intimate initiation to the violet wand, first zapping her tender young nipples, then inside of her wet, quivering cunt. She learns about pain, then pleasure when the tip of the wand drives her to a creamy orgasm.


Fucking Electrical Threeway!

It’s all about pleasure and pain with this threeway! The pain of electrosluts Penny Pax and Lizzy London, and my pleasure, and maybe, theirs as well if they play by my rules.

Lizzy knows her place as a little electrosex whore and is on her hands and knees like a good pet. She straddles the face of her fellow slut in electricity, Penny, whose pretty little face serves a higher purpose with a protruding dildo gag.

But don’t think these two playthings aren’t getting their fair share of lesbian BDSM, Lizzy’s nipples are clamped off tight with electrical clamps while Penny’s tits are saturated with sticky pads.

Penny gets the business end of my electrical strap-on dildo in her ass, while she takes direction to brutalize Lizzy’s pussy with her dildo gag. All the while, they receive my tender femdom attention with a liberal use of my cattle prod.


Elecro Lezdom Isis Love Opens Audrey’s tight Asshole

Audrey Rose is a very anal retentive girl. By that, I mean she gets lots of electrosex toys stuffed up her tender butthole for the perverted amusement of Isis Love.

Isis exercises her strict lesbian BDSM control over Audrey, covering her ass in sticky pads. However, the real pleasure (and pain) comes from Isis’ exploration of electro anal stretching on wanting Electroslut Audrey Rose. With electric, and non-electric, speculums Isis explors the dark regions of Audrey’s ass with a zapper, sparking the toys all the while, inside her cavernous hole.

But Audrey’s lezdom ordeal doesn’t end there, with a large ass hook deep in her ass, Isis delights in torturing her new toy to orgasm.


Big Tittied Sub Whore Phoenix Can’t get Enough Electrosex Punishment!

Phoenix is all hips, tits and ass, which makes an amazing playground for me to play out my twisted lesdom BDSM games. Her big, spankable butt just begs to be violated. I stuff it with an electrical strap-on while wired up to sticky pads, making her butt dance, whether she wants it or not.

Tied in a pile-driver predicament to two electrically charged copper pipe, Phoenix the electroslut gets her reward with orgasms I coerce out of her, and I allow her the privilege of eating my bush and licking my puckering asshole, after I’ve stretched out and destroyed hers.


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